Quand publicité et blockchain se rencontrent.

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Avec la cryptomonnaie, Facebook et Apple qui occupent mes fils de nouvelles depuis quelques mois déjà, pour des raisons distantes mais très liées à la fois, j’ai eu envie de confronter les deux mondes pour voir ce qui en sortirait. D’un côté, Facebook, le triste porte-étendard d’une industrie publicitaire en recherche de sens et de solutions. De l’autre, la nouvelle technologie juste assez anarchiste qui dit vouloir tout régler, comme d’habitude.

L’industrie publicitaire ne sera pas complètement renversée demain matin, qu’on se le dise. Mais je pense qu’il serait naïf de ne pas considérer qu’elle sera profondément transformée, une fois…

The day the intangible became irrefutable.

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NFTs : “Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership, and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items like crypto art, crypto-collectibles and crypto-gaming.”

The NFT market is in full swing. As summed up very effectively by MorningBrew :

The NFT market tripled in 2020 to $250+ million, according to a new report by NonFungible.com with support from L’Atelier. The number of active wallets nearly 2x’d.

  • YouTuber Logan Paul sold 1,772 NFTs on Friday (feb…

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After a year 2020 which, as for many, gave way to quite a few more readings and podcasts than usual, I embarked on the famous New Year’s objectives project. This may be because of my passage into my thirties and the inevitable questioning involved, but the theme of self-care was a fairly popular one in my choices. So I was inspired and ready to make 2021 a year of personal growth through these new learnings.

Obviously, all this led me to long silent moments in front of an empty spreadsheet. Caught in a paralysis, surely caused by the countless ideas…

An attempt to identify pitfalls and avoid them, perhaps.

Crowd raising hands at a conference.
Crowd raising hands at a conference.
Credits : Edwin Andrade — Unsplash.

Mistakes are inevitable. Learning naturally leads us through the same channels. Fortunately, mistakes are often more interesting than success. They better illustrate biases, shortcuts and preconceptions. They ignore good luck and don’t care about your status. So it is in all humility, and with no guarantee of success, that I try to bring together the inevitable mistakes that hopefully you will avoid.

1. The intention behind the performance

Because you have the impression that a pitch context necessarily implies a performance, you will act differently. You will speak louder. You will adopt a lexicon that is not natural to you. You will become much more solemn…

What if there was an ideal annual salary?

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” — Jim Carrey

Inequality in the distribution of wealth is obviously not a new phenomenon, but it may never have had as much airtime as it does today, and rightly so. The exponential growth of some technology companies, among other things, has recently demonstrated the extent of the hyperbolic disequilibrium. In the mean time, the pressure caused by the imminence of climate change has highlighted for its part the other side of the coin, namely the…

There is a better way.

The box.

If there were a museum, full of these expressions that we have overused, it would be written next to a sad cardboard box, right next to a world map on which we could read Carpe Diem.

More and more industries understand the potential of creative thinking to reinvent their business model and remain relevant in the current environment. The difficulty with creativity is that it is much less academic and less well understood. There is no recipe for achieving something universally considered creative. It sometimes becomes difficult to know what its relevance is, how to apply it and, above all…

What should a future marketer learn now?

Expert, but of what?

When choosing a program of study, a first career, additional reading or online training, one question is inevitable: what should I learn to improve in my profession?
For some areas, the answers are easier than others. The expertise is more linear. But not in marketing. Not because it is a more complex expertise than others, but because its nature is far too broad and changing to paint a clear picture. And this uncertainty is perfect for creating an endless hunt for trends. One year, you would all have to be UX experts. The following year, it is essential to know how…

Avez-vous déjà pensé à votre prochain autocollant de voiture ?

Commençons par souligner l’évidence : les véhicules autonomes seront prochainement une réalité. Il reste encore beaucoup de questions à régler, autant au niveau technologique que social, mais le potentiel économique de l’automatisation des transports nous confirme que de nombreuses équipes travaillent activement à transformer nos routes. On estime que l’industrie pourrait ajouter 7 trilliards à l’économie globale dans les prochaines décennies, tout en sauvant des milliers de vies. Plusieurs acteurs de l’économie actuelle devront bien sûr s’adapter face à cette transformation, au risque de disparaître. …

The fastest route at first is not the smartest choice.

Disclaimer : This will be a complete metaphor about cars to illustrate the point. It doesn’t matter if you are not that much into cars. You will get it.

As a young business or agency manager, you make choices everyday. At first, they are not really based on any deep reflexions. You move fast because you are excited and feel like moving. Every client, every customer, every problem is an instant priority and you channel all your energy towards managing them. You show up everyday to prove how dedicated and driven you are, and it works. Clients appreciate your work and soon enough, it will be rewarding. …

The dating scene is no match for an optimized life.

All about that fine line.

Thresh·old : the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

Act 1 : Curation.

I generally know what I like, especially in music. I’ve been scavenging bands for quite some years and sometimes feel like I’ve discovered all of my favorite stuff. But recently, out of curiosity, I gave Spotify “My Daily Mix” a shot. I wanted to know how good it thought it knew me.

The answer : a lot.

It made me realize that with Spotify curators, Netflix suggestions…

Sacha Lauzier-Bonnette

Creative director — Associate at Orkestra. Collecting solidly articulated, relevant ideas with tangible implications, and trying to join in. | www.orkestra.ca

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